Website Audio – A Weapon For Internet Marketers

What is web audio/website audio?

Web audio means adding audio to websites. The audio may be streaming/non streaming type. Streaming audio is of most demanding. In streaming audio technology the sound is being played as frame by frame basis i.e each frame contains sound information so that when a person is downloading a webpage which contains streaming sound, the sound can be heard with each frame downloaded but for non streaming case the sound can be heard after total sound file is downloaded which is embedded in the webpage.

What web site audio software can do for you

There are many web audio softwares in the market.All are almost same,they only differ in price.So a person interested in web audio must find the correct one which is low cost and reliable.

– Record voice from PC microphone) to website

– Add music(mp3/wav) or

– Can add sound to mp3 file also to flash buttons

– Some can record text directly to website(flash buttons) or mp3 files(I found only one such kind)

Where you can use web audio

– Online resume for example an online resume with a voice describing your skills and your strong points etc.

– In your blogs to make the people hear your voice or music (streaming audio)

– For any person who has a website

– Production demos

– Music demos(in music related site)

– Can make your website more personal b adding your own voice to website

– Online Radio Stations

– Voiceover Artists

– Production Companies

– Production Music/Effects Providers

– Musicians

– Online Resumes

– Bloggers (just imagine a how attractive your blog site may be if it has voice message of yours on each day-no doubt a huge traffic will be there to your blog site)

– Anyone with a website!

Why Web audio can boost the traffic to a website

Voice attracts visitors to stay longer, which improves your chance of the African Music Streaming Platform visitor taking action, whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a survey. The typical visitor will listen to your entire audio clip and view your webpage in the process.

Voice increases visitor confidence because they actually hear someone talking to them energetically about your site and your products, giving your website more credibility.

Voice reduces help requests, a friendly voice helps your visitor understand what to do, so you save on customer support time and costs.

Voice helps people complete their orders. Statistics show that having voice on an order form increases order completion by 30% or better. Just remind them about your guarantee, your secure site and give them a few instructions to guide them through the order process.

With Voice, you convert more visitors into customers, which means more cash to your bottom line. Audio adds a whole new dimension to your website that will captivate and motivate your customers.



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