Tips for Choosing a Landscaping Services Provider

Does driving through the country and seeing gorgeously landscaped yards make you long to have time to create a lush landscape of your own? Does meandering through a botanical garden inspire you to go home and try to create an elaborate garden in your own backyard? Perhaps, you are more interested in merely having a view that soothes the mind and has some quiet places to relax and rejuvenate. If any of these scenarios appeal to you, or maybe you have landscaping service 18,100 dreams of your own, but you don’t have time to do it yourself, it is time to call in a professional yard service.

When it comes to having a gorgeous, peaceful, awe-inspiring yard, then hiring a professional is a great option. After all, just because you may not have the time, or perhaps the know-how, to design and maintain a magazine worthy yard, doesn’t mean you can’t still have one! It just means you have to be willing to let someone else do the work. Enter a landscape services provider.

But, how does one select a landscape services provider? You don’t necessarily want to hire the first company that shows up in a Web search, but you don’t want to spend a long time searching for that perfect company, either. To simply for your search for the perfect landscape service, here are some tips that can help you see your yard go from mediocre to marvelous.


    • Get recommendations form others who have hired a professional landscaping work done and then check out the companies with Angie’s List, your local agriculture department and the BBB. Be sure that the company has been in business for quite some time.
    • Know what you want. When you talk to professional landscaping service providers, it helps to have a plan in mind. Of course, be willing to listen to the professional as well, since they will likely have insight to what plants and designs work best for your region. You should also ask to see a portfolio of other jobs they have done; ask for local addresses so you can see the work in person.
  • Only work with someone experienced, not someone who is merely a contractor or someone who dabbles with yard work. A professional provider will have knowledgeable people who can help your landscaping dreams come true.


Using these tips will you soon turn your yard from okay to awesome. No more wishing that your yard looked like that one you saw in the magazine; simply look out your window to a view that is sure to delight. Contact a professional landscape services provider today. In the Minneapolis area, call Fernbrook Landscape to learn how they can take your yard from blah to beautiful.



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