Medical Assistant Job Description – Duties And Responsibilities

Clearly aside from food and clothing, health is very important to man. If a person can invests in millions of dollars for real estate and automobiles, how much more with health maintenance and preservation? Today, the medical career is growing so fast. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical assistants are very in demand because their services are health related.

In the health care setting, the most recognizable key players are the doctors and nurses. On the other hand, there are other staffs in the hospital that have roles that are not as defined as those two but are very important as well. They are known as medical assistants. They aid doctors and other staff in making sure that the work environment is running smoothly. they drug rehab california are performing various roles, they are often mistaken as nurses and LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurse. To recognize their importance in the health care delivery system, their job description and roles must be clearly defined. Following are their duties and responsibilities.

Clerical And Administrative Duties
Primarily, medical assistants perform clerical and administrative roles. However, depending on the setting and demands of the work area, their duties and responsibilities can vary. Some of the most common clerical and administrative duties they handle are patient admissions, billing, scheduling of operations, answering telephone calls, managing insurance forms and updating of medical and hospital records. Although these tasks are repetitive, they are vital as they ensure the proper and smooth running of the hospital or the clinics.

Roles In Private Offices
Aside from the common hospital setup, they are very functional in private clinics and offices. Their roles differ depending on the state law. There are private offices that require medical assistants to aid the doctor in the actual examination and treatment of patients. Just like nurses, they can get pertinent information from patients like conducting routine physical assessment. They can take note the height, weight, vital signs of the patient like the blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. Since private offices have limited staff, the medical assistants are responsible for writing down the patients’ histories and laboratory tests in the chart. In addition, they can do simple treatments like giving injections, applying bandages and taking x-rays. They can perform these procedures under direct supervision of the health care provider or the medical doctor.

Specialized Areas
Like doctors and nurses, medical assistants can choose specialized area to practice like pediatrics or optometry. Since specializing requires skills and understanding of a specific work area, they are highly trained before they can work in these types of clinical set-ups. They will be given trainings on assessment, patient care, examination, palliative and treatment and follow up procedures.

Advanced Roles and Responsibilities
For medical assistants who show high level of professionalism, they have an opportunity for career advancement and promotions. Those who show leadership skills and qualities can be promoted as managers or supervisors.

Medical assistants are fast growing careers. Trainings and certification are not mandatory however they are considered by hospitals and clinical areas. On the other hand, the qualification of an applicant not only depends on their education background but also communication and interpersonal skills. They should know how to respect and show courtesy to patients and other medical staff. The things mentioned above are just some of the duties and responsibilities of medical assistants. If you wish to know the specific roles of medical assistants in your area, you may inquire in your state or the hospital you wish to apply. Good luck!

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