Business Cards Printing – 5 Ways to Buying Business Cards That Generate Business Leads

Handing out business cards as a marketing tool is a low cost advertising. However, If your aim is to impress your prospective customer the first time, your business card most be perceived as a quality one. Quality card prints help give positive impression of your business when you hand out the cards.

Some business owners go around passing cheap business cards with perforated edges to potential customers. The only reason you will want to do this is to save money. If you search around on the internet, you will find printing companies that offer business card printing for less than the amount it cost you to Business Cards Printer on your home printer especially when you take quality into consideration.

5 Ways to Give your Card a Bust.

When designing a business card, it is important to pay attention to the functionality of the card rather the beauty. This is because the content of the card, the positioning of the words and the color scheme are what sell not the beauty of the card. Choose a printing company that is ready and able to work with you in designing a functional card, and do not forget to use a tag line in your design.

Paper Material and Thickness:
If the aim is to print quality card for less, look around for a company that has standardize their business card printing on quality material. Some companies do print on thick 14pt card stock as suppose to 12pt card stock, and at low low prices. These companies can do this because they have standardize there operations, stick to specific quality business card paper and improve efficiency.
Some of these companies will also print on other materials you requested for, but usually at a premium.

Full Color or Black and White
While full color prints could help guarantee that first impression, you most work with your designer to choose the right color for your project. Make sure your message is clear, visible with your contact information clearly displayed.

1 Side or 2 Sides:
Sometimes you are tempted to put so much information on your card thereby crowding and making it look busy. This problem can be solve by using the back of the card. It is a good idea to use the back to list some of the services you offer.



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