Adventures to the End of the Earth in Christchurch, New Zealand

It may be at the end of the earth for many international travelers but in a lot of ways that’s part of the reason it’s so great. I can’t guarantee that you’ll run into pirates on your travels through Christchurch but I can assure you of a truly unforgettable experience. Christchurch is in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island, far removed from the overcrowded tourist hot spots of Europe, fighting in the Middle East and pollution in Asia. This is an area of rare beauty, offering visitors the chance to experience the snow capped ski fields of the Southern Alps one day and swim with dolphins the next. New Zealand & Australia, aren’t they the same place? New Zealand is often linked hand in hand with Australia and while they share a lot of cultural similarities, there are huge differences when it comes to why you would visit either. Australia is a South Pacific getaway blessed with beautiful beaches, friendly people and a whole lot of nothing called the outback. New Zealand shares the friendly people but offers a different experience, rich in cultural history, adrenaline pumping adventure sport, spectacular sightseeing, memorable landscapes and unique wildlife. Christchurch encapsulates all things good about New Zealand and serves them to you on a plate, a new and exciting attraction never more than a couple of hours away. If you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings movies then you might have noticed some of the amazing environments that cover the New geotech report Zealand’s South Island. These were no CGI special effects; all these places are just a stone throw from Christchurch and can be part of an amazing vacation, holiday or tour. Be the envy of your friends as you show-off your vacation pictures with pride. Christchurch sightseeing & attractions Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region has a strong English heritage and much of this still geotechnical site investigation remains in the city area. Visitors can enjoy a punt along the Avon River, a sightseeing experience on the Tramway or Gondola, a stroll through the majestic Hagley Park or delight in the wonderful Botanical Gardens. Christchurch is New Zealand’s garden city and proudly displays this in the sheer number of beautiful gardens citywide. New Zealand’s unique location on the globe has led to Christchurch becoming the world’s link to Antarctica. This amazing continent of frozen ice can be experienced from Christchurch’s International Antarctic Centre. More than just learning about Antarctica, visitors can experience icy slopes, sheltering in an ice cave, braving an Antarctic storm and many more fun activities. Venturing out of Christchurch, head towards the charming French influenced town of Akaroa. Just an hours drive from Christchurch, Akaroa is located on the South Island’s Banks Peninsula, an amazing area where numerous outdoor activities can be enjoyed year round. Kayak along an extinct volcano, hike through beautiful walking tracks, enjoy spectacular harbour cruises, mountain bike along coastal hills and enjoy the magical experience of swimming with dolphins. Akaroa’s rich cultural history complements these activities and creates an experience that alone makes a trip to Christchurch worthwhile. Christchurch adventure sport So you’ve taken in the sights, experienced the city and seen the surrounding areas, what’s next you ask? Well why not try the uniquely New Zealand experience of adventure sport! Strap on a parachute, hook on a bungy chord, clip on some skis and hold on for some exhilarating jet boating, white water rafting and more! Christchurch is a stone throw from all these fun adventure sports and more, you don’t have to be a pro athlete to enjoy them and they’ll be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Feel the rush as you jump head first from a bridge or plane and let the wild rivers of New Zealand give you the rush of a lifetime as you surge down rapids on a jet boating or rafting adventure. There are a lot of quality tour options available and you’ll enjoy the experience even more as you meet new faces and friendly characters along the way. If you want something unique and adventurous in a world that is fast losing new and exciting destinations then head to Christchurch, New Zealand. Whether it’s part of wider New Zealand experience or a specific South Island adventure, you won’t be disappointed. Head to the edge of the earth and see a world you never knew existed. If Middle Earth truly were real you would find it right here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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